Artist Painters LLC is a group of Chicago based artists/house painters. These experienced artists/house painters share the opportunity to earn income on a project-by-project basis to help sustain the arts and themselves. Artist Painters performs all aspects of exterior and interior painting, murals, faux finishing, as well as pressure washing, deck staining/weatherproofing and wrought iron. The goal is to not only supply the best quality work possible but to raise art awareness, one household at a time. We are known for the quality and craftsmanship of our work as well as preforming projects very neatly, organized and timely. You be would be hard pressed to find a more conscientious, quality driven group of painters.  Artist Painters uses Benjamin Moore Paints and only the finest materials and applicators. For more information or a FREE QUOTE contact artist painters today.


Artist Painters” is an extraordinary painting company. The concept behind Artist Painters was to form a socially conscience company, utilizing artists from all creative fields to execute high quality interior/exterior painting projects for their customers. This painting company functions as a way to financially support the participating artists, pay them a generous wage, work in an ethical environment and raise art awareness in the community one project at a time. The artists involved are all experienced house painters, utilizing the best possible products and methods of application. We are constantly researching new application, techniques and products to ensure the best quality finishes. Artist Painters embraces the philosophy of the “local living economy” by taking an ethical and socially responsible approach to business and its artists. The goal is to serve the common good in the community, rather than simply focus on increasing profits.¬†



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